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Borsa Istanbul’s IT network Case Study

NETSCOUT'S OptiView® XG pays dividends for Borsa Istanbul’s IT network

Borsa Istanbul A.S. was established at the end of 2012 to bring together the three existing financial exchanges in Istanbul. This required major changes in IT infrastructure and a significant investment in both the network and software. Serving 150-220 brokerage houses, and with up to 1,200 people connecting to its LAN every day, Borsa Istanbul needed a way to ensure its IT systems were handling the increased traffic and network speeds and to quickly identify and fix any problems as they arose.

Borsa Istanbul uses NETSCOUT’ OptiView XG Network Analysis Tablet on a daily basis to monitor the performance of its network and troubleshoot problems immediately as they arise. The mobile device allows Borsa’s IT professionals to examine problems at their source and measure whether the network is running at the required speed. In addition to enabling the IT team to listen to all the network traffic, the OptiView XG provides intelligent analysis that helps them see beyond the immediate issue to identify the root cause of the problems and implement an effective solution.

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