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Technical Brief: Automated nTier Transaction Analysis


ChallengeThere are a seemingly infinite number of solutions that provide very specific visibility, at any point, that either creates or hands off a packet across the infrastructure. As engineers, we often speak of "path" but what solutions truly exist that ties together multiple hops of poorly performing transactions traversing the network, within nTier application architecture, and illustrates where the true problem lies?

Capabilities – Why TruView?
  • Application Performance Analysis with Transactional Analysis. Drill into poor performing applications and immediately the application dependencies and their performance
  • Identify which tiers of the application are performing poorly compared to baseline
  • Interact with the data, navigating to application tier that may be affecting multiple application front ends with ease!
  • Reduce time spent understanding and documenting the interdependent application environments
  • Get an encompassed and nTier views
  • Isolate application tier performance
  • Immediate problem domain isolation
  • Automated nTier transaction correlation

Within just a few mouse clicks, see end user response time, usage details and the Request and Response made by the application at an exact point in time. This information can be provided to the application support team for further investigation.

Automated N-Tier

Reduce mean time to resolution by automatically correlating the performance of transactions traversing multiple application hops

See the Difference

The key to troubleshooting nTier application performance is to easily isolate the transaction tier that is inducing latency to all upstream transactions that are awaiting response. Furthermore, the application response time visibility allows one to easily determine if this latency is application based, with decode information, or infrastructure in nature. While solutions exist that monitor application response time with transaction decode and insight into traffic analysis, none have a single time correlated UI with well-designed workflows to address multiple IT audiences. Since most IT staff works in a silo and are specialized, having a solution that is aware of all three, allows for collaboration and reduced finger pointing with happier end users.

Summary statement

Come see how TruView™ can help reduce MTTR of nTier application issues through automated nTier transaction analysis. Our easy to use Interface, and automatic discovery of applications make our solution the easiest to manage and train on, allowing your organization to recognize ROI immediately.