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Department Store Case Study

Major Department Store Chain Uses AirMagnet Enterprise to Find Wi-Fi Threats “Hiding in Plain Sight”

This major department store chain was fearless with its use of wireless for business critical operations like credit card processing and managing inventory at distribution centers. Leadership was confident that their wireless intrusion detection and protection system (WIDS/WIPS) was protecting data shared across the 34 Wi-Fi channels available for use in the U.S., until they realized they lacked visibility into 180 additional unused channels on the network. This meant that unauthorized devices, whether malicious or not, could be hiding, undetected, on these additional channels, and could pose serious security risks to the organization and its customers.

The department store selected NETSCOUT'S AirMagnet Enterprise for its unique ability to simultaneously monitor all activity and devices on all 214 Wi-Fi channels. This means that even channels that are not actively being used by the organization (outside of the 34 acceptable channels) can be monitored for rogue activity, and the IT team can be in a position to immediately take action to remove or reassign a device that could pose a threat. The company can also proactively troubleshoot performance problems, guarantee point-of-sale wireless transactions, meet PCI compliance guidelines to protect customers and the brand's equity, and reduce mean time to repair through the AirMagnet Enterprise's remote troubleshooting features.

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