Advanced Engineering Program - Careers

AEP Career Accelerants

Each year, NETSCOUT selects less than 10 high-potential STEM students from engineering and computer science programs across the country to participate in a summer internship or join AEP as a permanent employee.

While becoming integral, high-profile, members of the research and development community at our developer venues, AEPs are required to begin a fully funded advanced degree in a business or science related field in order to prepare themselves for the challenges faced by the NETSCOUT product managers, principal engineers, and engineering fellows of the future.

Rotating Assignments
Advanced Engineering Program participants contribute immediately to NETSCOUT'S award-winning products through rotating work assignments geared toward their areas of interest while being mentored and held to high expectations of performance.

Assignments will last six to nine months and be located primarily at NETSCOUT'S Everett, Rockville, or Colorado Springs engineering centers. The participants experience four or five different projects during the program, gaining knowledge of specific technologies and working with domain knowledge experts. AEPs and interns get hands-on experience in all areas of product development.

Domain Technology Training
Advanced Engineering Program participants will take part in a multi-week immersion training event, where they will learn about NETSCOUT'S technologies, products, functions, and businesses from the company's management and engineering leaders.

In addition, there will be specialized domain training projects throughout the year where the participants work as a team to solve a problem or complete a design relating to one of NETSCOUT'S core technologies such as WiFi RF analysis, network topology, fiber optic physics, and network protocols. Lectures will be held by lead engineers to introduce, guide, and evaluate the projects.

As part of their rotating assignments, participants may attend courses, conferences, or vendor trainings as needed to gain skills in their areas of interest.

Advanced Education
Advanced Engineering Program participants will also work toward an advanced degree at top local institutions which is funded entirely by NETSCOUT.

New Product Development Process
See first hand how NETSCOUT transforms ideas and customer insight into imaginative solutions that surprise and delight our customers. Learn our new product development process and participate in continuous improvement efforts.