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Datasheet: 10/100 Low Speed Ethernet ASE SKU 01890 Part Number 3511003

With LinkSafe capabilities
Key Features:
  • Supports IP Transport and OmniPoint software
  • Capable of Inline placement with MSP certified fail to wire
  • Last mile keep alive upon CPE Router failure provides 100% availability and fault isolation
  • Configurable to support IPV4 or IPV6 management and monitoring
  • Inband and LAN management capable
  • Pro-active real time SNMP events with event forwarding
  • Continuous 1 second monitoring with burst analysis
  • Layer1 through 7 auto-detection and analysis
  • Server and application response time baselines and alarms
  • 30 Concurrent VoIP calls with MoS scores
  • 155 site to site SLA metrics per CoS
  • Rogue application discovery
  • On demand remote packet capture when required


The TruView and Visual Performance Manager 10/100 Ethernet ASE enhances the analysis functionality of the Low Speed TruView and Visual Performance Manager system for Ethernet networks. The ASE provides up to 6 Mbps of detailed network traffic analysis and management while maintaining full wire speed pass-through of all traffic. It supports both IP transport and OmniPoint software. When deployed inline, the ASE includes LinkSafe™ technology to protect circuit integrity in case of an ASE outage, as well as power failure notification.

Designed for business-class DSL, cable and routers that do not support NetFlow data, the 10/100 NetFlow inline ASE has a wide variety of deployment options. The 10/100 Ethernet inline ASE has a wide variety of deployment options. The Low Speed Ethernet ASE is typically deployed as an inline probe on the access line between LAN devices such as the LAN switch and router. (See Option 1). Other options include positioning the ASE on the Ethernet segment between a subscriber's router and a network terminating unit (NTU) such as a DSL modem or a service provider switch (Ethernet as WAN access) (See Option 2), or connecting the ASE to a router or switch SPAN port.

The IP Transport and OmniPoint ASE is designed to support real timesynchronized troubleshooting for the network, applications, and VoIP.The unit supports on demand traffic captures, as well as real time custom configurable SNMP traps for rapid Mean Time to Identify analysis.


model 807-0112 model 807-0112

Ethernet probe model 807-0120 front view

Ethernet probe model model 807-0120 rear view

model 807-0112 model 807-0112

Option 1. Ethernet inline probe model 807-0120 deployed after the customer edge router.

Option 2. Ethernet inline probe model 807-0120 deployed in front of the customer edge router.

Ethernet inline probe ASE specifications SKU 01890 Part Number 3511003 Model 113
General Dimensions 7.5" (19.1 cm) x 6" (15.2 cm) x 1.5" (3.8 cm)
Weight 2.10 lbs.
Maximum Data Rate 100 Mbps
Environment Operating Temperature 0º to +40ºC (+32º to +104 º F)
Storage Temperature -20º to +55ºC (-4º to +131º×F)
Clearance Requirement Minimum of 3" (7.62 cm) space on sides.
Power Requirements Input 100 to 240 VAC
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Input Current Rating 0.5 amps
LAN and WAN Ethernet Interface Bit Rate 10/100 Mbps
Connector 8-pin modular jack: RJ-45
Serial Port Interface Baud Rate 19200 or 9600 bps
Parity 8 data bits, no parity
Stop Bit 1 stop bit
Electrical Format EIA RS-232, DTE
Connector RJ-45


What are ASEs?
ASEs (Analysis Service Elements) are data collection and network performance monitoring hardware devices placed on a wide area network (WAN) or Local Area Network (LAN) as part of the TruView and Visual Performance Manager systems. ASEs offer in-depth, real-time, and historical visibility into the performance of an applications infrastructure. Data gathered by ASEs is stored in the VPM server and displayed and analyzed from the Web portal interface. As a service level management tool, ASEs indicate when services are being met, provide warnings when services start to degrade, and send alerts when services are not met.



What is TruView and Visual Performance Manager
TruView and Visual Performance Manager are flexible solutions that can scale to help the largest enterprises, carriers and managed service providers decrease the cost of performance management, increase revenue, and optimize utilization of existing assets. This is accomplished by enabling IT organizations to become a source of competitive advantage, not a cost center, by providing actionable visibility into a centralized integration point for managing applications, VoIP network and server performance across a complete network.



Hardware Support
Enhanced ASE hardware warranty service programs are available to help you maximize your investment in TruView and Visual Performance Manager. For more detailed warranty information, visit



Software Maintenanced
Each hardware ASE is managed remotely by the TruView or Visual Performance Manager. Maintenance is dependent on the software module purchased. For more detailed maintenance information, visit Inside Sales at the number below.



Professional Services
Professional services are available for installing, maintaining and customizing your solution your ASE hardware and TruView and Visual Performance Manager solution. Replacing the hardware on site with or without a technician is offered worldwide.



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