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NetScout has a deep bench of executive management talent as evidenced by the number of senior-level management team members that have been President or CEO of multi-million dollar companies. From start-up to Fortune 500 leadership, our executive team has experience in creating change. The executive team drives the company’s chief resources toward one objective: to enable the Guardians of the Connected World. With singular focus on empowering their service provider and enterprise customers with industry-leading innovation and expertise, our solutions are a driving force for some of the world’s largest companies, who truly push the frontier of the Connected World to accomplish what has never been done before. We are proud to be their partner in this quest.

Anil Singhal image

Anil Singhal

Founder, President, CEO, and Chairman of the Board

Michael Szabados image

Michael Szabados

Chief Operating Officer

Jean Bua image

Jean Bua

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Daryle DeBalski image

Daryle DeBalski

Senior Vice President, Research & Development and General Manager, Tools

John Downing image

John Downing

Executive Vice President, Worldwide Sales Operations

Bruce Kelley, Jr. image

Bruce Kelley, Jr.

Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer

Richard Kenedi image

Richard Kenedi

President, Service Assurance Business Unit

Kevin Keough image

Kevin Keough

Senior Vice President, Corporate Development

Jeff Levinson image

Jeff Levinson

Vice President, General Counsel, and Secretary

Skip Maloney image

Skip Maloney

Vice President, Worldwide Human Resources

Brian McCann image

Brian McCann

President, Security Business Unit

Jim McNiel image

Jim McNiel

Chief Marketing Officer

Ashwani Singhal image

Ashwani Singhal

Senior Vice President, Research & Development