CenturyLink Performance Manager provides remote site monitoring through the use of Analysis Service Element (ASE) devices which are a multi-faceted, economical solution capable of triaging network, application and VoIP problems in real time. The solution supports 1000s of remote hardware or virtual remote monitoring devices. It is multi-tenant and supports 100s of customers under a single server. No seat based licensing is required.

The ASE appliances are continuously monitoring your network in real time from Layer 1 through Layer 7 while providing site-to-site Service Level Agreements (SLA) and on demand, deep, packet capture as needed. It provides a clear demarcation point at remote locations to identify whether the problem is with the local exchange carrier (LEC), the remote LEC, the Service Provider, bursting bandwidth, top talkers, the application, mis-classified Class of Service (COS), VoIP, or an application problem.

CenturyLink Performance Manager Remote for MPLS IP-VPN Users


Is CenturyLink Remote Manager Remote Right For You?

  • Monitors network and application performance between sites
  • Classifies traffic by Class of Service (CoS)
  • Displays precisely what applications are running over your network, the extent of their use, and monitor any issues between sites
  • Extensive VoIP performance analysis

Site Status

  • Displays overall snapshot of network, including any changes to circuits and ports
  • Shows near real-time display of network and application performance

Traffic Analysis

  • Features powerful protocol analyzer with sniffer capabilities
  • No need to transport a device to capture live traffic onsite
  • Decide which data packets you want to analyze
  • Drill down to Layer 7 IP protocol leve


  • Generates performance reports on-demand provided by different views, with up to one year’s worth of historical data
  • Measures delivery against your Class of Service (CoS) settings in the private IP environment


  • Device CPU and memory utilization

Extensive VoIP Performance Analysis

  • Shows physical access type, port, circuit with live, network-wide views
  • Displays network conditions and applications in real-time
  • Throughput by to 10 applications and top 5 users or hosts
  • Provides real-time troubleshooting with proactive network alarms
  • Features automatic discovery of every VoIP call, IP-PBX and phone
  • Delivers performance analytics on every call