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Trusted Network Solutions Case Study AM WiFi Analyzer

AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer Provides Troubleshooting Solution, Accurate Reporting and Increased Clients for Network Consulting Firm

Trusted Network Solutions is a network and services consulting firm in Salt Lake City, Utah, servicing hundreds of clients in a variety of fields including government, healthcare, education and small business. Their clients’ productivity is highly dependent on well functioning networking systems that address a widely varying spectrum of wireless needs. With a small team and several large-scale customers, Trusted Network Solutions needed an accurate, time-efficient way to diagnose issues, suggest solutions and gain new clientele.

NETSCOUT’ AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer allowed Trusted Network Solutions’ team of engineers to quickly survey customer environments, identify any issues or rogue connectivity threats, and then devise a plan to either repair the broken parts of current systems, or analyze a better solution. Because of the instant reporting system, technicians were able to assess the environment in real time, with the client if needed. The more detailed reports and easy-to-understand data was useful in justifying new solution costs to hesitant customers.

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