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NETSCOUT Announces the Release of TruView Version 8.3

The latest release of NETSCOUT’ network and application troubleshooting appliance, TruView 8.3, now provides a straightforward approach to Network Capacity Planning which allows users to quickly identify where they have the least and most capacity for growth. 

Traditional approaches to capacity planning attempt to discern actionable data through percentiles and max values computed on long term averages, leaving customers with confusing, unclear information.  With TruView 8.3 customers can quickly see hot spots in the network leveraging 1 minute burst utilization data for up to 1 year, and then quickly drill in to identify traffic makeup to ensure that bandwidth upgrades are done intelligently.  

TruView v8.3 New Features:

Network Performance Monitoring:

  • Network Capacity Planning with 1 minute burst analysis
  • “All Seeing Eye” for quickly identifying and defining applications/servers from traffic analysis views

Application Performance Monitoring:

  • Track custom XML fields for web applications
  • Simplified Quickstart wizard
  • Discovery UI for unmonitored servers and apps

VoIP Performance Monitoring

  • Call, instead of flow, based workflows
  • Support for Microsoft Lync analysis

Reporting Enhancements.

  • PDF generation directly in UI
  • Internationalization of the UI
  • Faster transaction and client fetching


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