Cloud Services Usage Trend and Cost of Their Access Failure

The appetite for cloud-based technology has been growing as business leaders worldwide look to it for cost effectiveness and competitive advantages. In the Asia Pacific region, cloud adoption has been extremely high in developed economies. Cloud growth has been steady too in many developing markets as governments offer cloud and technology incentives, and businesses build strategic directions around the cloud.

So, is your business organization reliant on the cloud and SaaS applications? Do you know the business impact on your organization if users are not able to access critical applications from the network?

If you are responsible for your organization’s network environment, you need to ask yourself these 3 questions now:

  1. Can every employee access the business services they need for your organization to operate effectively always?
  2. Can your IT department diagnose problem areas in advance of a service interruption?
  3. Can your IT managers locate the problem domain in a timely manner regardless of location device or service?
Download this infographic and discover at a glance:
  • How SaaS sales and cloud systems have been growing in popularity
  • The true impact on your business if users are not able to access critical applications
  • How you can truly modernize your IT systems for SaaS and hosted applications.

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