Network Security Tool Chaining | NETSCOUT

Support multiple layers of defense without risk to network performance or network uptime

Network security is no longer an insurance policy protecting from a highly unlikely event. Security breaches are the new norm. Having a suite of network security appliances is vital to protect IT assets and keep the business up and running.

This has resulted in a flood of new network security solutions to defend against the constant wave of advanced persistent threats that develop every day. Managing the network traffic that goes into your security appliances, as well as the systems themselves, is a critical function that ensures network success.

In our brief 5 min Tech Short see how Security Tool Chaining let’s you:

  • Optimize and filter data before it enters your security appliance
  • Get the right traffic to each system
  • Ensure network performance without sacrificing network protection

The solution is simple, its elegant and it is here today.

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