Every network issue is a test. Ace them all with LinkSprinter™.

Problem isolation and link validation can be time consuming and challenging without the right troubleshooting tool. This is compounded when you’re responsible for the types of distributed network environments found in the higher education and K-12 setting.

In speaking to customers like you, we found that PC based utilities, swap and replace methodologies of troubleshooting, lack of standard process and an easy way to document results can lead to an inability to quickly determine problem isolation and document results.

There is a better way, with LinkSprinter™, an affordable pocket-sized network tester. With the push of a single button, LinkSprinter will run a series of tests that verify connectivity, pinpoint problem isolation via color coded LEDs, then automatically send each test result to a centralized cloud based report manager – all within 10 seconds. For those that need a more detailed look at per test results (such as switch name, model, slot, port and VLAN), the LinkSprinter 200 model can send those details to your mobile device via Wi-Fi connection.