The Adaptable and Affordable Toolset for Network Connectivity Testing, Documentation and Reporting

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Link-Solutions provides end-to-end network connectivity testing for wired and wi-fi networks, sending test results automatically to the Link-Live Cloud Service.

Link-Solutions provides organizations of any size and with varying skill level of users with the right tool for the job at a price point everyone can afford - starting at $199 US.


The Right Tool for the Job

Link-Solutions is a complete product offering that can be scaled based on network sophistication and skill levels. Our goal was to keep the workflow simple yet powerful and flexible such that organizations can outfit users of varying skill level with a standardized process for network verification and troubleshooting. The result is greater workforce enablement at a price point every IT budget can support.

Link-Solutions is comprised of Hand-held network testing tools and cloud based reporting. These solutions are designed for the front line, IT professionals and administrators who install, solve, validate and manage access to network and business services.

Regardless of the hand-held tool you choose, you’ll see every test appear on the Link-Live Cloud service dashboard. This provides better job visibility and project control as you can easily keep track of who is testing what, where and when.

Use our interactive selection guide to determine which hand-held network test tools will best meet your teams needs.


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Link-Live Cloud Service

Welcome to Link-Live Cloud Service, a centralized management, collaboration and archival workspace for network connectivity test results from NETSCOUT's hand-held network testers.

Test results are automatically sent to your secure Link-Live cloud account, providing organizations with a newfound ability to quickly and easily document their network, provide proof of performance and better manage jobs and staff efficiency. In addition, an e-mail of every test result is sent as it occurs, allowing the technician to annotate information about the test and even attached a photo. That annotation is then automatically added to that record in Link-Live, creating a very in-depth understanding as to the performance of each link and mapping endpoint images (wall jacks, devices, serial numbers) directly their switch slot and port.

Link-Live Cloud Service

Link-Live provides important test results management and reporting capabilities, at no additional charge to select Hand-held network test tools (LinkSprinter, LinkRunner, AirCheck G2). It provides greater job visibility, project control, and fleet management for larger distributed environments.

  • Complementary, no annual service fees
  • Supports all models of LinkSprinter, LinkRunner, and AirCheck G2
  • Manage, sort and analyze test results
  • Filter results by time, user, network device, errors, instrument, and more
  • Add comments or photos to any test result
  • Automatic filing of tests into specific folders
  • Proxy support
  • Buffer up to 10 test results


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As you think about the right mix of tools to meet our needs, LinkSolutions will give you a lot of flexibility in models, options and pricing and even bundles to get you started.


Designed for the team that needs quick , simple and affordable network connectivity testing and validation test in a low cost tool for remote locations and/or lower skilled technicians.
Designed for the team that needs quick and versatile copper and fiber optic Ethernet link connectivity testing or just a deeper capabilities for more sophisticated networks and users skill levels.

LinkSprinter 100

LinkSprinter 200

LinkSprinter 300

LinkRunner AT 1000

LinkRunner AT 2000

Diagnose and test Power over Ethernet (PoE), Link to the switch, DHCP, Gateway, and Internet connection X X X X X
Get VLAN, switch name, and port information via CDP/LLDP/EDP for your managed switches X X X X X
Proxy support   X X X X
Local User Interface NA Phone Phone LinkRunner LinkRunner
See cable fault and distance to open or short     X X X
Flash switch port     X X X
Toning (Analog and IntelliTone)       X X
802.1x Support       X X
Configurable PoE class       X X
Configurable VLAN ID       X X
TruePower PoE load (25.5W)         X
100/1000 Fiber SFP interface         X
Link rate reflector         X
IPv6 Support         X


The AirCheck G2 is a rugged, dedicated, handheld wireless tester supporting the latest Wi-Fi technologies (802.11a/b/g/n/ac). It provides fast, simple, and accurate isolation of wireless issues thereby reducing troubleshooting time. A one-button AutoTest quickly provides a pass/fail indication of the wireless environment and identifies common problems. Typical use cases include: Wi-Fi network availability, channel utilization, rogue hunting, and interference detection.


Link-Solutions Kit

Designed for the team that needs a mix of quick and simple troubleshooting and validation test in a low cost tool for remote locations and/or lower skilled technicians in addition to more in-depth testing including fiber optic with the LinkRunner AT 2000.

  • LinkRunner AT 2000 (1)
  • LinkRunner AT Holster (1)
  • LinkSprinter 300 (2)
  • LinkSprinter 300 Holsters (2)
  • Link-Live Cloud Service Essentials
Link-Solutions Kit

NETSCOUT's Network Tech Troubleshooting Kit is the fastest way to find connectivity problems on both wired or wireless networks.  This kit includes both the AirCheck G2 Wireless tester and the LinkRunner AT 2000 Network Auto-Tester along with many accessories to decrease troubleshooting time for Network Technicians.

  • AirCheck G2 Wireless tester and holster
  • LinkRunner AT 2000 tester and holster
  • AirCheck external directional antenna
  • IntelliTone Pro 200 Probe
  • 6 WireView cable ids
  • Spare Li-ion battery for LinkRunner
  • Deluxe carrying case

Link-Solutions products are in use by thousands of organization across virtually every industry segment. Following is an overview of our largest industries.

  • Non-profit
  • Entertainment and Sports Venues
  • Travel (cruise lines, auto rental, airline, hotel)
  • System integrators and VARS
  • Field service
  • Event facilities setup/teardown