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AirMagnet VoFi Analyzer

Voice-over-wireless Analysis and Troubleshooting
  • Detect any 802.11a/b/g voice-over-WLAN call
  • Full call quality analysis of encrypted wireless voice traffic
  • Automatically diagnose and troubleshoot over 60 types of wireless voice call problems
  • Full visibility into phone roaming events
  • Integrated Air, Phone and Wire Analysis
  • Detailed customized reporting

Note: 1st year Gold support is required and must be purchased separately. Click here to read more about Gold support.

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AirMagnet VoFi Analyzer is the industry’s only solution for troubleshooting voice-over-WLAN problems in the field. VoFi Analyzer provides full analysis of encrypted WLAN traffic, scoring all calls in terms of call quality and proactively identifying all types of problems including phone issues, roaming issues, QoS issues, and RF.

AirMagnet VoFI Analyzer integrates with leading voice solutions from Cisco, Spectralink and Vocera to collect and correlate diagnostic information from the phone, air and wired-side of the connection. By analyzing all three data sources, AirMagnet provides complete analysis and enables network staff to confidently deploy and operate voice-over-Wi-Fi infrastructure.

AirMagnet VoFi Analyzer works with AirMagnet Survey to provide the only solution for performing voice-grade site surveys.



Live Call Quality Analysis

AirMagnet VoFi Analyzer displays your network in terms of calls and call quality. AirMagnet's patent-pending technology scans all 802.11a/b/g devices, distinguishes between voice and data traffic, and automatically scores every call in terms of WiR-Value and WiMOS Score based on a variety of packet metrics, such as loss rate and jitter. The solution independently scores and tracks both sides of a call (AP to phone and phone to AP), allowing users to distinguish problems that are rooted on one side of the call. Each call is color-coded according to call quality, making it easy to visualize phones or calls with problems. This provides a full history of all calls on the network, and quickly reveals problems that are tied to a particular phone, channel or a given period in time.

View Calls in Context
AirMagnet VoFi Analyzer provides details on how each call fits in to the overall wireless environment. The application shows how many voice and data clients are competing for the same AP and channel resources. Additionally, the analyzer displays the relative amounts of voice and data traffic and also tracks key 802.11e statistics such as video, best effort and background traffic. Finally, the solution gives a complete connection history for all devices on the channel illustrating which devices have roamed the most.

Advanced Call Roaming Analysis

Smooth coordinated call roaming is a key to providing users with the mobility and seamless connectivity required from a wireless voice deployment. If these roaming events are not properly coordinated or if phones roam too often, it can lead to dropped calls. Utilizing multiple Wi-Fi adapters plugged into the PC, VoFi provides advanced details regarding all roaming transactions detected in the VoFi deployment. These details include possible reasons for the roaming instance, VoFi-specific data (such as WiMOS, Signal Strength, etc.) leading up to the attempt, and packet transmission rates for the conversation. This can help network staff to identify problem phones that may be constantly roaming or “thrashing” between APs or alternatively identify problems affecting an entire channel that may be causing many phones to roam.

Integrated Air, Phone and Wire Analysis

AirMagnet VoFi PRO offers all the capabilities found in the standard version of the analyzer plus the ability to integrate call information from the wired side of a connection as well as from the Wi-Fi phones themselves. This support opens the door to an unprecedented level of analysis that combines data form the air, phone and wire.

Integration with Syslog-Capable Phones
One of the key capabilities found in the PRO version of the VoFi Analyzer is the ability to receive call diagnostic information directly from Cisco phones (Cisco 7921) and Spectralink phones (Netlink 8020, 8030, e340, h340, i640). This enables staff to gain additional insight into call performance from the unique perspective of the end-user. When this Syslog information is available, AirMagnet shows side-by-side comparisons of call quality readings taken from the air compared to those taken from the phone. Likewise, users can also chart a variety of statistics taken directly from the phones (jitter, loss rate, call quality etc) or even investigate Syslog data directly in the Decode View.

Integration with Cisco Call Manager
VoFi PRO also offers the option to integrate with Cisco’s Call Manager and Call Manager Express to retrieve additional call information and diagnostics. This integration allows the VoFi Analyzer to retrieve the phone number associated with a particular call, investigate the termination reason for the call and collect a variety of call diagnostics such as latency, jitter, and lost and retried packet rates.

Integration with Vocera Server
AirMagnet VoFi Analyzer PRO also offers integration with Vocera server deployments allowing the analyzer to retrieve a variety of user information stored in the database making it easy to tie a particular Vocera badge to its user or user role.

Detailed Voice Reporting

With the touch of a button, network managers can turn their analysis and troubleshooting sessions into customized reports, covering all the critical areas of voice. Users can generate call quality reports in terms of WiMOS Scores, WiR-Value, detailed Roaming Reports, as well as device and alarm reports covering all the events captured during the session. These reports can then be exported as PDF, Word doc or Excel for easy sharing with management and staff.


Models & Accessories

Model Number/Name Description
AirMagnet VoFi Analyzer PRO
(includes integration with Cisco Call Manager, Syslog Phones and Vocera Server)
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AirMagnet VoFi Analyzer and Survey Pro/Planner



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AirMagnet Vofi Analyzer Datasheet
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BYOD: Meeting the Network Challenge
This white paper explores the in-depth security challenges, regulatory changes, network stresses, device management, signal interference, new work cultures, and more, and explains why it is essential that IT professionals lead digital transformation from the front.
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WLAN Professional Services Brief
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802.11ac Migration Checklist
Migration Checklist
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Supported Adapters

AirMagnet supports two categories of wireless adapters:
  1. Preferred adapters: Adapters that have been comprehensively tested by AirMagnet and are recommended for use with the AirMagnet products.
  2. Limited-support adapters: Adapters that have been known to work with the product, but AirMagnet does not perform extensive testing on these adapters. AirMagnet recommends the use of adapters that have been tested and certified as mentioned in category 1.
Click here for detailed information on supported driver/client utility software package for preferred adapters.

Click here for detailed information on supported combinations for multi-radio support.

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