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AirMagnet Planner

Accurately plan and design a/b/g/n/ac wireless networks without rolling out any APs physically
  • Design 802.11a/b/g/n/ac WLAN networks before rolling out any APs physically
  • Optimize AP count and layout for maximized coverage and performance by modeling building construction materials/obstructions and APs
  • Reduce spend on WLAN infrastructure by reusing services of APs across multiple floors by visualizing coverage and performance in the built-in multi-floor view
  • Estimate WLAN deployment budgets
  • Generate installer-ready Bill of Materials Reports
  • Plan your migration strategies as new users or technologies are introduced
  • Available in a standalone version & is also built into AirMagnet Survey PRO to help validate the WLAN model with real-world site survey data

Note: 1st year Gold support is required and must be purchased separately. Click here to read more about Gold support.

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AirMagnet Planner is a wireless network planning tool that accounts for building materials, obstructions, access point configurations, antenna patterns and a host of other variables to provide a reliable predictive map of Wi-Fi signal and performance, before the network is built or even the physical building is constructed. The solution without rolling out any APs physically, offers superior predictive modeling to determine ideal quantity, placement and configuration of APs for optimal security, performance and compliance.

As network engineers plan new technology rollouts, they must resist an easy temptation of performing a simple 1-to-1 replacement of the existing network with newer technologies like 802.11n and 11ac. Even though these 1-to-1 replacements are the fastest way for rollouts, they are not the best and often lead to poor network performance and finally costly rework. The use of professional tools like AirMagnet Planner helps define a migration strategy (rip and replace vs slow rollout) from existing 802.11a/b/g networks to 802.11n as well as 802.11ac networks. AirMagnet Planner also helps to estimate budgets and make “go/no-go” decisions before AP roll outs, so there are no more embarrassing or career-impacting decisions made blindly.

AirMagnet Planner can be purchased as a separate product or as a fully integrated feature of AirMagnet Survey. When integrated with AirMagnet Survey, users have a powerful solution that combines state-of-the-art predictive modeling with real-world performance data.



Sophisticated WLAN Modeling

AirMagnet Planner makes it easy to build a detailed model of any wireless environment, even before the network is deployed or the building is constructed. Simply load in a map of the location, and use the built-in library of walls, doors and windows to precisely match the building’s characteristics. The environment can also be customized to account for cubicles, offices, elevators and a variety of warehouse obstructions. All environmental settings are fully customizable and custom materials can be created from scratch to meet the user specifications.

AirMagnet Planner provides full control of the proposed wireless infrastructure to the users. They can add APs to any location and experiment to find the ideal AP placement for the environment based on their requirements. AirMagnet Planner also provides full control over all AP settings with independent settings for 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz radios. Users can set the AP channel, IP address, transmit power, antenna type, orientation, height and 802.11n specifications. When the planning session is complete, users can generate a professional Bill of Materials report with all the information that is needed to properly install the network, and includes a complete list of required APs, their ideal placement and configuration settings. Along with RF coverage information, users are also powered with performance metrics such as data rates and throughput.

AirMagnet Planner also includes an “advisor feature” to automatically place APs on site floor plans. Users can specify the minimum signal coverage expected, the transmit power, media type of the AP, etc. and mark Wi-Fi coverage areas and areas where APs cannot be placed.

802.11ac and 802.11n Modeling

AirMagnet Planner is the WLAN industry’s only planning solution that covers all aspects of a successful 802.11ac and 802.11n deployment: migration, performance prediction and validation. Users can design new 802.11ac and 11n networks, as well as, plan their migration strategies for existing legacy networks, including one-to-one replacements or the phased introduction of 802.11ac or 11n devices into their legacy network. Users can plan their 802.11ac and 802.11n deployments for maximized performance without any physical AP rollout and are powered with unique coverage maps for WLAN throughput and other technology specific heat maps such as signal coverage maps, Operating Modes, MCS Transmit Rate, Channel Width and Channel Overlap, to predict the WLAN performance at every location on the floor, and provide the best design that minimizes any rework once the network is deployed. Since AirMagnet Planner is part of a single, seamless application with AirMagnet Survey PRO, users can validate “modeled” 802.11ac and 11n results against “real-world active” post-deployment surveys.

Multi-Floor Modeling

As users plan and design wireless access in multi- floor buildings, it makes economic sense to reuse services of APs to lower equipment deployment costs. With AirMagnet Planner’s new multi- floor planning capability, users can visualize coverage and performance heat maps in 2D and 3D across floors providing powerful insight into bleed over to adjacent floors.

Users are powered with visualizations of signal strength, data rates, 802.11ac and 11n coverage maps such as Operating Mode, MCS Transmit Rate, Channel Width and Channel Overlap between floors and more.


Custom Antenna Design

AirMagnet Planner includes over 300 of the most popular antenna patterns on the market for customizing APs, including Cisco, Aruba, Ruckus Wireless, Meru Networks, HP, Symbol, 3Com, Bluesocket, Motorola, D-Link Systems, Samsung, Meraki, Juniper, Xirrus, etc. AirMagnet Planner also includes a built-in tool to create customized antenna patterns, allowing users to replicate the characteristics of literally any available antenna.

Integration with WLAN Infrastructure Vendors

Users can create and export planner projects directly to Cisco WCS. This saves users time and resources needed in setting up of maps, AP placement locations and other WLAN deployment modeling activities by eliminating the need to repeat these tasks within Cisco WCS. This integration dramatically increases operational efficiencies for both AirMagnet and Cisco WCS users by eliminating the need to repeat wireless planning and site survey tasks commonly associated with deployment and ongoing management of a WLAN network.


Models & Accessories

Model Number/Name Description
AirMagnet Planner (Standalone)
AirMagnet Survey PRO (includes Planner)
AM/A4018 Gold Support:
AM/A4018-1YS1 year of Gold Support for AirMagnet Survey Pro (includes Planner) - AM/A4018
AM/A4018-3YS3 years of Gold Support for AirMagnet Survey Pro (includes Planner) - AM/A4018
AirMagnet Planner Module (upgrade from AirMagnet Survey Express or upgrade for existing A4015 customers)
AM/A4013-UGD Gold Support:
AM/A4013-UGD-1YS1 year of Gold Support for AirMagnet Planner Module - AM/A4013-UGD
AM/A4013-UGD-3YS3 years of Gold Support for AirMagnet Planner Module - AM/A4013-UGD
AirMagnet Survey Express (optional)
AM/B4010 Gold Support:
AM/B4010-1YS1 year of Gold Support for AirMagnet Survey Express - AM/B4010
AM/B4010-3YS3 years of Gold Support for AirMagnet Survey Express - AM/B4010
Model Number/Name Description

AirMagnet WLAN Design & Analysis Suite Bundle with Multi Adapter Kit (Survey Pro/Planner, WiFi Analyzer Pro and Spectrum XT + 3 Proxim adapters) Available in US & Canada only.


AirMagnet Survey Pro/Planner and Spectrum XT Bundle


AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer and Survey Pro/Planner


AirMagnet VoFi Analyzer and Survey Pro/Planner




Title/Description Download  
Wireless Lifeycle
Download PDF
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Data Sheets

Title/Description Download  
AirMagnet Planner Datasheet
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White Papers

Title/Description Download  
802.11a,b,g,n Compatibility
This paper takes a detailed look at the impact of coexistence of 802.11n with legacy a/b/g networks.
Download PDF
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802.11ac Migration White Paper
802.11ac Migration White Paper
Download PDF
1.95 MB
BYOD: Meeting the Network Challenge
This white paper explores the in-depth security challenges, regulatory changes, network stresses, device management, signal interference, new work cultures, and more, and explains why it is essential that IT professionals lead digital transformation from the front.
Download PDF
2.01 MB
Implementing 802.11ac – Revolution Or Evolution?
As you develop your wireless network to handle increasing user demands, have you considered the new 802.11ac standard? It’s due to be ratified early 2014, and products supporting it are already available.
Download PDF
738 KB
Hotspots, not Notspots: Best practices for wireless site design
This white paper explores in detail how IT professionals need to get to grips with a broad range of technical, cultural, and security issues when designing and implementing a wireless network, or upgrading/ replacing existing infrastructures.
Download PDF
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Title/Description Download  
Handheld Network Test Wi-Fi Solutions
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Case Studies

Houston Methodist Hospital Case Study

See how Houston Methodist Hospital uses NETSCOUT’s AirMagnet wireless tools to keep their critical WiFi network running at top performance.

For Houston Methodist Hospital, providing reliable Wi-Fi is crucial. With over 6 million square feet including 6 remote sites, providing top level performance with a diverse set of client devices – from voice, to video to data – is a top priority for the organization.Before using the AirMagnet wireless tools, conducting a site survey for the network engineering team was a very labor intensive process.

Houston Methodist Hospital uses NETSCOUT wireless tools to ensure accurate planning, deployment & verification, and troubleshooting of the wireless network. With these tools, the old labor intensive process is a thing of the past and done automatically by the products.With the proper tools and training in place, the network engineering team at Houston Methodist is able to deliver top performing WiFi to the hospital’s physicians, nurses, patience and guests.

"If you're a wireless engineer, you have to have a very reliable tool set, and the NETSCOUT suite brings that to the wireless engineer." -George Stefanick, Wireless Architect, Houston Methodist Hospital


BlueSafe Case Study

BlueSafe Uses NETSCOUT’ AirMagnet Solutions to Help Organizations Throughout France Deploy High-Performance Wireless Networks

BlueSafe is one of the premier Wi-Fi system integrators in France. They help organizations achieve unified mobility by planning, deploying and managing wireless networks that meet business requirements for connectivity, application performance and security. As Wi-Fi networks continue to evolve and expand, and as a new generation of mobile devices hit the workplace, businesses are presented with a variety of new performance and security challenges. BlueSafe is responsible for helping these organizations address those challenges. To do this successfully, the company not only requires a set of solutions for accurately planning and deploying wireless networks, but that also enables the team to quickly troubleshoot, secure and monitor the wireless network.

BlueSafe selected NETSCOUT’ AirMagnet Survey and Planner, AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer, and AirMagnet Enterprise. These solutions give BlueSafe, and their customers, the ability to deploy high-performance wireless networks, and to secure and manage these networks once in service.

Read full story ...

InnerWireless, a Black Box Company

Ensure optimum performance when deploying and maintaining large, complex, mission-critical in-building wireless networks. Assess existing customer solutions, validate new wireless deployments, review, support, and troubleshoot deployed solutions.

With AirMagnet tools, the InnerWireless team is able to readily validate that deployed solutions continue operating to spec, and work with customers to quickly identify, troubleshoot and address physical-layer issues in their deployed solutions.

Read full story ...


System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements:

The installation and operation of AirMagnet Planner (software-only) requires separate hardware with one of the following minimum system requirements below.


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On-demand Webinars

This webinar will guide users through critical stages of network design, including migration, prediction and post-deployment validation using AirMagnet's 802.11n toolset.
This webinar, hosted by Cisco, provides a live demonstration of how users can export real-world survey data and planner projects from AirMagnet Survey and AirMagnet Planner into Cisco WCS.

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