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Customized Training Programs

  • AirCheck G2 Wireless Tester
  • AirMagnet Survey/Planner
  • AirMagnet Spectrum XT
  • LinkRunner AT Network Auto-Tester
  • LinkSprinter Network Tester
  • OneTouch AT Network Assistant

Handheld Networking Tools and AirMagnet

NETSCOUT is committed to providing our customers with the best possible training programs featuring our latest products and applications. Whether it is an existing training program or something customized to your company's requirements, there is a training offering to meet everyone’s needs and scheduled at your convenience.

Courses Description

Our Gold Maintenance customers already enjoy the benefits of our on-demand learning series, virtual training and Ask-The-Expert sessions. Choose the Customized Training Program when you need to learn in-depth about the Link Runner AT 2000, the OneTouch AT, the AirCheck G2 or any of the AirMagnet products. Depending on the program, the training can be scheduled remotely or on-site to maximize hands-on product experience.

At NETSCOUT, our products Make the Complex Simple. Work directly with your instructor to customize your courses, which could include some of the following topics, and maximize your product benefits:

Wired/Wireless Tools

Tools Configuration - Learn how to create custom profiles and standard work processes to ensure your technicians consistently perform measurements that meet common procedures.

AutoTest Set-Up - Speed up your profile testing down to one minute with training using the Auto test feature. In just one-touch, you can recognize from the physical layer of the network, through the wired and/or wireless infrastructure, to network services and user-defined applications.

Wireless Discovery Analysis - Let our instructors guide you through the discovery of not just the Wi/Fi devices but also their key properties, sorting by signal strength, MAC manufacturer and channels.

Ethernet Validation - Improve the audit of the PoE performance to ensure the best flow in your access points, security cameras or VOIP phones through switch and cable detection and analysis.

Link Live Reporting - Become an expert on documenting the networks by automatically sending your test results to your management dashboard, and manage jobs and staff more efficiently.


AirMagnet Mobile - Learn the User Interface to get the maximum out of the software: Settings and Setup, Basic and Expert Functions, AirWise to speed up your workflows, documentation and reporting.

Planning and Survey - Go through the fundamentals of WLAN Design and Survey for 802.11n and 802.11ax dense networks.

WLAN Troubleshooting - Analyze and solve any issue related to the signal strength, the throughput or the roaming of the WLAN, even the ones related to the Radio Frequence using AirMagnet Spectrum XT.

Getting Started

For more information on the courses that are currently happening in your area, email [email protected] and we will contact you as soon as possible.