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VoIP Performance Monitoring and Troubleshooting
Assessing and managing the VoIP network presents an entirely unique challenge from monitoring traditional data applications. As an example, there is a significant difference between an email taking 15 seconds to be sent and a garbled VoIP phone conversation.

TruView provides one of a kind visibility into VoIP quality of experience in an easy to understand graphical depiction of the call as seen at multiple points in the infrastructure. TruView also distils this information to provide site level performance reports, allowing those who manage VoIP and the infrastructure to see where performance is degrading, and who is being affected. Only TruView can clearly illustrate both application (TCP) performance, as well as VoIP (UDP) performance, and thus their unique contention for infrastructure resources.

TruView allows you to retrieve the packet stream for each call in order to re-construct, and even replay the actual call as it transpired across the wire! Real-time and back-in time VoIP and video quality assessment with extensive QoS, call type and codec analysis for all SIP or H.323 calls. Quality parameters including packet loss, jitter, R-value, can be displayed or combined into MOS and R-factor for voice or VQFactor™ for a video stream. Generate a QoS report for a VoIP call simply by selecting the desired call and clicking the “report” tab. Call setup problems, such as can’t connect or busy, are shown without the need to decode packets.

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VoIP Performance Monitoring