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Link–Live Cloud Service

Link–Live allows test results from LinkSprinter, LinkRunner AT, AirCheck G2, and OneTouch AT G2 hand-held network testers to be automatically uploaded providing users with a unified dashboard of both wired and Wi-Fi network connectivity results.

Test results are automatically sent to your secure Link-Live results management dashboard providing organization with a newfound ability to quickly and easily document the network. This provides organizations with the ability to provide proof of performance and better manage jobs and staff efficiency.

Link-Live Cloud is a single database results management across media types be it copper/fiber/Wi-Fi:

  • Reduces results management overhead across media types
  • Broadens collaboration perspective and capability
  • Simplifies single report across media types
  • Direct remote control of OneTouch
  • Attach photos to each result
    • Asset tags
    • Serial numbers of installed devices
    • Green light proof AP was working when job was completed
Real World: Through the use of hand-held testers and Link-Live, Memorial Hermann Health systems (200 hospitals and clinics / 70+ field techs) experienced an 80% reduction in escalations and improved collaboration between front-line and network engineering.

What’s new in this version of Link-Live?

Link-Live has been redesigned to provide faster uploads and response time world-wide. It also has an updated look and user interface. Log into your existing Link-Live account, and click on the notification bell in the upper right hand corner to try out the new Link-Live.

Same data, improved looks and enhanced result management. There are three main areas that has been enhanced:

  • Enhanced Search - just click the Search bar and start exploring, or enter the text to search for.  You can also build up several search filters criteria at once.
  • Richer test result.  You will be able to drill in to view and manage detail information for each test result upload, including adding images and additional notes as needed.
  • Unit "reclaiming" - if you have the unit in hand, it's yours to claim in Link-Live. The previous owner will be notified. This helps teams with rotating teams.

How Does it Work

At the completion of each test, results are automatically uploaded to the Link-Live Cloud Service. In addition to results being sent to Link-Live at the completion of each test, they are also e-mailed. E-mail provides a quick and easy way to collaborate with others. E-mail also allows the user to reply with additional information about the test such as wall jack location or even a photo of things like the wall jack or maybe the serial number of the device installed. That information is then automatically appended to the test results in Link-Live creating a very in-depth understanding as to the performance of each link and mapping endpoint images (wall jacks, devices, serial numbers) directly to your switch slot, port and VLAN.

If you have a need to separate results or technicians into separate results dashboards within Link-Live, you have the ability to create Organizations and assign users and test equipment to those organization. That organization can have any number of users and testers in it.

Link-Live also provides the ability to create professional reports for any selection of test results. Choose .pdf or .csv format. With Link-Live you can add a logo to your cover page and get a graphical summary report of both your wired and Wi-Fi results. It will also include any photos you associated to the selected test. This provides a great way to provide proof of install and network connectivity detail.

Quick Look

To learn more about the products that use Link-Live Cloud Dashboard visit the product pages.

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