Increase Productivity with your LinkRunner AT

Increase Productivity with your LinkRunner AT
Upgrade your firmware for free access to test results, reports, and projects with the Link-Live Cloud Service

Welcome to Link-Live Cloud Service, a centralized management, collaboration and archival workspace for network connectivity test results from LinkRunner AT Network Auto-Tester.

Test results are automatically sent to your secure Link-Live cloud account, providing organizations with a newfound ability to quickly and easily document their network, provide proof of performance and better manage jobs and staff efficiency. In addition, an e-mail of every test result is sent as it occurs, allowing the technician to annotate information about the test and even attached a photo. That annotation is then automatically added to that record in Link-Live, creating a very in-depth understanding as to the performance of each link and mapping endpoint images (wall jacks, devices, serial numbers) directly their switch slot and port.

How do I use this free service?

  • Upgrade your LinkRunner AT firmware
  • Create your Link-Live account
  • Once you have created an account, please connect your LinkRunner AT to your unit by clicking on the "Units" in the upper right-hand corner of the Link-Live dashboard and clicking on the "Claim"
  • Start making measurements and see your results sent directly to your Link-Live dashboard

If you have more questions please visit our FAQs.