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Download ClearSight Analyzer - the analysis engine on TruView™ and Network Time Machine

ClearSight Analyzer allows you to record, identify, and analyze current and past network traffic to view activity as it happens or go back-in-time for root cause analysis of network and application problems. ClearSight analyzer is built into the TruView Appliance and Network Time Machine providing an intuitive, easy-to-use interface for unparalleled application analysis. You don’t have to be an expert packet decoder to solve application problems.

  • Application-centric Summary View visually displays the health of the most commonly used applications
  • Intuitive drill down to flow-based analysis or packet decode
  • Reconstruction and playback of video and audio
  • Debug multi-tiered applications or pinpoint delay problems with powerful multi-segment analysis
  • Seamlessly integrates with 3rd party decode engines such as Wireshark

This download of ClearSight Analyzer can be installed on your Windows® laptop or PC for use independent of TruView or Network Time Machine (it utilizes your PC’s network interface for monitoring and packet capture.) TruView and Network Time Machine provides the ability to conduct full line-rate capture at up to 10 Gbps and has terabytes of storage for back-in-time analysis of past performance problems. Try ClearSight Analyzer for yourself and see how easy it is to see and solve complex problems!

Download and try the ClearSight Analyzer for 30 days free and get answers you need now!

For additional information: Email: [email protected].
Phone 844-833-3713 (US/Canada) or 978-320-2150 (other locations).

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