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Datasheet: OmniPoint™ Element

Visuals' OmniPoint™ Element is a trusted point-of-presence solution that provides IT organizations and cloud service providers, with visibility across the entire service delivery infrastructure in public, private and hybrid cloud environments.


Application Performance Visibility for the Cloud Environment

OmniPoint™ Element is a highly flexible and scalable point-of presence solution that provides users with application, network and VoIP visibility in virtualized environments. Utilized as a clear, demarcation point for problem domain isolation, OmniPoint allows for quicker time to identify and resolve issues between a siloed IT infrastructure and multi-vendor solutions. Server connect and server response times are measured within the OmniPoint automatically with baselining and alarms of the auto discovered applications.

Supports IP Transport and OmniPoint software for deployment in networks that use IP switching.

The ASE's drop-and-insert feature provides a secondary DSX-1 port that can connect to a private branch exchange at a customer's site. T1 timeslots can be segmented for a PBX on the same circuit carrying data traffic. (See Figure.) The ASE's internal modem lets users establish a telephone connection to either the ASE's administrative interface or a pass-through connection via the serial port.

Eliminate Finger Pointing

OmniPoint Element offers a trusted demarcation point, which eliminates questions of ownership on the service provider's side or within the network.

OmniPoint collects and returns data to multi-tenant Visual Performance Manager in an economical and efficient manner, while providing deep packet visibility at the installation point.

The data is correlated with other data sources within a Visual Performance Manager deployment, and enables an organization to find time correlated application performance problems in layers 2 through 7 for rapid problem domain isolation.

Supported Platforms:

OmniPoint Element supports deployment on:

  • Cisco SRE-V platform for the Cisco SRE 700 & 900
  • Riverbed Service Platform (RSP)
  • Virtual machine (VM ESXi) environments by installing an OVF file
  • Analysis Service Elements (ASE)

Cisco Support:

The Cisco Services Ready Engine (SRE) modules are router blades for second generation Cisco Integrated Services Routers (ISR G2) that provide the capability to host Cisco, third-party, and custom applications, like the OmniPoint Element virtual appliance.

A service-ready deployment model allows OmniPoint Element to be installed remotely and hosted by the branch office router at any time without a truck roll to the location.

SRE modules have their own processors, storage, network interfaces, and memory, which operate independently of the host router resources and ensure maximum concurrent routing and application performance.

The Cisco Unified Computing System Express (UCS Express) is a converged networking, computing, and virtualization platform for hosting essential infrastructure services and mission critical business applications in the lean branch office. The OmniPoint Element utilizes the Cisco SRE and UCS Express platform to analyze traffic flowing in and out of a branch office location and provide visibility into application, network, and VoIP performance. This capability can be provided as part of a turn-key managed service. OmniPoint Element allows branch offices to run common applications like DHCP, FTP, DNS, and Print services on the router reducing the number of hardware and servers at remote locations.

Riverbed Support:

The Riverbed Service Platform (RSP) allows third party virtual appliances to be hosted on Steelhead appliances. An easy to use configuration engine also allows OmniPoint to be quickly installed to monitor the network on appliances already deployed on the network.

VmWare Support:

OmniPoint can also be hosted on any VMWare ESXi environment providing visibility into the virtualized environments with deep packet inspection for events, utilization, and application response time measurements. This allows segmentation and ownership of issues for quicker time to identify issues.

Analysis Service Element (ASE):

Customized Visual hardware allows for Layer 1-7 visibility and NetFlow export to be integrated within the VPM 7.1 Server allowing for even greater deployment flexibility.


Key Features Across all Supported Platforms:
  • Auto-discovery of applications utilizing deep packet inspection and heuristics
  • VLAN segmentation monitoring for application, business units, or VoIP traffic analysis
  • VOIP MoS scores in real time and historical site degradation trend analysis with Jitter Packet Discards, Network Packet Loss, Jitter, Round Trip Delay, Call Volumes, and Call Quality To and From Network
  • Application visibility on each CoS provisioned
  • On demand Traffic Capture for high level support with specific filtering capabilities
  • Support for Voice/Video applications: RTP Audio, SIP, RTCP, NIStim, Skinny, ShoreTel, RTP Video, RTMP, MGCP, H245, H225 and HTTP Video and HTTP
  • Scalable to 1000s of demarcation points
Key Benefits:
  • Simplify branch infrastructure by consolidation of application performance management with other branchoffice applications
  • Respond faster to business needs by providing real time and historical visibility at branch office locations with no additional hardware requirement
  • Proactive customizable event configuration to feed Service Desk with launch back capabilities to the time and location of the alarm
OmniPoint Element Specifications
Hardware VMware Server Cisco SRE-700 Cisco SRE-900 Riverbed
64-bit CPU with Virtualization Technology™ Cisco ISR G2 2911 – 3945 Routers with IOS 15.1-4.M Cisco ISR G2 2911 – 3945 Routers with IOS 15.1-4.M Model 1050 or better
CPU Dual core 2.0 GHz or better Intel Core Solo 1.86 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 1.86 GHz Intel Xeon Dual Core 1.86 GHz
Memory 4 GB 2 GB 4 GB 4 GB
Memory (OPE Requirement) 576 MB allocated
Hard Drive (VMware requirement) 150 GB N/A N/A N/A
Hard Drive (OPE requirement) 4 GB
Software Requirements VSphere ESXi 4.0 or higher SRE-V 1.5.1 package SRE-V 1.5.1 package Riverbed RSP 6.5 or higher

OmniPoint is also available on the following hardware Analysis Service Elements (ASE's)

ASE model 807-0109 - T1 CSU/DSU ASE With DSX-1, drop-and-insert capabilities

ASE model 807-0112 - T1 CSU/DSU ASE With DSX-1, drop-and-insert, and modem

ASE model 807-0120 - 10/100 Ethernet inline ASE LE

ASE model 807-0122 - 10/100 Ethernet Inline ASE With LinkSafe capabilities

ASE models 807-401 - 100/1000 Ethernet ASE with inline mode capabilities