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Datasheet: Module - Select Traffic Capture SKU 01613 Part Number 2666419

Get to the source of difficult problems with TruView™ and Visual Performance Manager™ with on demand deep packet inspection.
  • Buy now or add later as part of the TruView™ Branch Probe network and application performance management system
  • Save time by filtering data using a capability that matches the levels of top-end protocol analyzers
  • Save money by not having to buy expensive portable test gear or dispatch technicians to remote sites
  • Improve application availability by getting quickly to the source of problems
  • Capture traffic at any location via a Web-based interface
  • Save traffic and export into ClearSight Analyzer or WireShark

Select Traffic Capture™

Protocol analysis tracking at every location

Get to the source of difficult problems. The TruView Branch Probe Traffic Capture™ software module gives you a full-function protocol analyzer at every location in your network. Trace, filter and decode the most common network protocols and gain in-depth visibility into subtle problems such as protocol violations, incorrect configurations and timeouts.

In addition to protocol decoding, Select Traffic Capture is available for every TruView Branch Probe in your network with the point and click of a mouse.

Get the detail you need - securely

Select Traffic Capture details decodes on all layers of the protocol stack - exploding the protocol headers – but skips the packet payload to enhance security. Each protocol header is broken out in its own layer with plain English decodes of protocol flows.

Manage most every protocol

The system supports more than 90 of the most common protocols, including voice over IP (VoIP) protocols such as SIP and H.323, and multiple LMI signaling protocol variants. You can also decode both frame relay and ATM-based packet streams.

Save time with precapture filtering

Determine exactly which packets to capture and which to ignore based on criteria you set to get directly to problem symptoms without flooding the screen with irrelevant packets. Filter packets to and from specific DLCIs, IP addresses or subnets. Track specific TCP or UDP ports and other aspects across the protocol header at multiple layers. Apply multiple simultaneous filters with flexible bit-level logic to look for multiple trigger events.

Address trouble with post - capture filtering

When a problem’s cause isn’t clear, run the trace without filters. Then zoom in on the problem by filtering captured packets and displaying them according to criteria you set based on your hypothesis of the problem’s cause.

Once you’ve captured the traffic trace, you can store it in a common format, like .cap, .HTML, and .pkt, for further analysis or for consolidation with traces from other analyzers.

Packet capture and protocol decode

Select Traffic Capture gives you the filtering power you need to get to the heart of the problem without ever leaving your desk. Plain English decoding makes it easy to see protocol flows across the applications infrastructure so you can quickly uncover the source of performance issues.

Portable analyzer functionality at remote sites

More enterprises have protocol analyzers at a headquarters locations, but do not have the same tools available for remote sites because of the cost of deployment and the lack of IT staff at these locations.

Select Traffic Capture does packet capture and protocol decode at every site in your network – all with a point and click of a mouse. Now you can rapidly identify the source of sudden traffic bursts that are negatively impacting a small circuit at a remote location, or you can identify which users might be infected with a virus.

For global enterprises, a language barrier and nonintegrated toolsets can compound problems. Select Traffic Capture also delivers identical views of performance for both domestic and international locations.

The Details

Branch Traffic Capture Part Number 2666419 Traffic capture is available on all TruView Branch probes. The quantity purchased must be equal to the number of probes installed. It is not available on a per probe basis.

  Advanced MPLS Package
(SKU 01654)
Advance MPLS with Application Integrity
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Advanced MPLS with VoIP Integrity
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Service Summary Included
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(SKU 01611)
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Traffic Capture (optional) (SKU 01613)
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*VoIP software module with OmniPoint only available on Analysis Service Elements

**AppsIntegrity is the combination of AppFlows and AppSummary. AppSummary requires AppFlows.

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