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Datasheet: Module - Select Back-in-Time SKU 01612 Part number 2666404

Select Service Summary Key Features:
  • Increase availability of networks and applications with rapid fault isolation
  • Forward pro-active events to third party event consolidation tools for opening trouble tickets with the correct IT staff
  • Reduce costs with remote network troubleshooting by eliminating dispatches and saving on portable test gear
  • Optimize network capacity bandwidth by avoiding over-provisioning and saving on circuit costs
  • Get immediate views of trends, network wide hot spots and bottlenecks
  • Validate SLAs with service providers and partners
  • Leverage investments in existing management systems


Historical troubleshooting for enterprise networks with real-time visibility within TruView™ and Visual Performance Manager™ with pro-active network event notifications.

Tracking down the network source of poor application performance is something that can't wait, especially when users and customers can't access key network applications. That's when you need Select Back-in-Time, a software module for complete network troubleshooting and network capacity planning. Select Back-in-Time allows you to easily identify intermittent and chronic issues by providing on-demand reporting and visibility of your application and network performance including SLAs.

Figure 1

Get precise circuit sizing so you can provide the right amount of bandwidth for key applications. (click to view larger)

Scroll Back to Find Intermittent Network Problems
Combined with real-time, Select Network Troubleshooting, the Select Back-in-Time helps you track down the cause of intermittent or chronic problems that plague network performance. This is especially helpful for identifying instantaneous circuit dropouts or service interruptions that can't be replicated or seen easily by event management software or even your service provider.

With Select Back-in-Time, you'll have the ability and the evidence to resolve frustrating "No Trouble Found" trouble tickets that are costly to fix. Capture intermittent problems using a 14-day, seven-layer database and fast, scrollable Web browser interface that mirrors the network troubleshooting process. Scroll back or forward to view problems easily without having to generate cumbersome daily or weekly reports.

Track Application Utilization Levels
Select Back-in-Time automatically discovers and tracks applications on your network giving you immediate, Web-based views of rogue applications and changing traffic levels that exceed expected levels. Track usage levels of applications over time and uncover sources of excess usage with the Top Talkers view. Determine network capacity bandwidth for mainstream applications while ensuring that less critical traffic, for example, from Web surfing or file transfers, doesn't slow down important applications.

Deduce Conditions that Choke Throughput
With Visual's Burst Advisor and 1-second monitoring, you can determine the amount of time a circuit or connection was stressed or underutilized according to the bandwidth provided. Validate the performance of your network to confirm you've allocated enough network capacity bandwidth to support key applications without over provisioning and exceeding budget limits. Troubleshooting Burst uses one second granularity to make recommendations on speed upgrades while also telling you when it is safe to scale back and save money.

Validate Carrier SLAs from End-to-End
Visual site to site Service Advisor gives you an up-to-the-minute view of common SLA parameters, such as latency, availability, jitter, and packet loss for each Class of Service configured. Visual UpTime Select incorporates SLAs from major service providers and extends SLA visibility all the way to the service boundaries at each enterprise location. You no longer have to wait for monthly SLA reports to discover commitments weren't met. Now you can take action before user service levels are affected, not after. Add customizable, performance thresholds and become pro-active when end-to-end problems across the MPLS network is happening in real-time.

Stay on Top of IP Network Performance
For IP based networks or network based IP VPN services, such as IP/MPLS, Select Back-in-Time provides a series of tools that helps uncover the moving parts of an IP network. Discover IP subnets and check the connectivity between them, track voice over IP traffic levels, view streaming video traffic, such as RTCP, as well as usage on Web, file transfer, email and even custom TCP ports or port ranges. For converged networks or when real-time performance is critical, use the Select Class-of-Service companion software module to validate IP CoS delivery and view the breakdown of applications in each traffic class.

Choose from a Broad Suite of Reports
Select Back-in-Time features more than 100 common predefined reports with no scripting or programming necessary. Leverage the one-year database to monitor daily, weekly and monthly performance. See data per port or network-wide to get an overview of bottlenecks. You can batch reports together and schedule them for automatic printing, emailing, or exporting to report servers.

The Details
Back-in-Time (SKU 01612) is typically sold as part of the foundation of a number of software bundles with every Analysis Service Element (ASE), OmniPoint installation, and Select Software module. Back- in-Time requires the real-time Network Troubleshooting (SKU 01611). It makes sense; you need the real-time to get the history. Adding additional software modules allows for deeper integration with TruView and Visual Performance Manager and your service desk.

  Advanced MPLS Package
(SKU 01654)
Advance MPLS with Application Integrity
(SKU 01849)
Advanced MPLS with VoIP Integrity
(SKU 01923)
OmniPoint Element
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OmniPoint + VoIP
(SKU 02226)
Service Summary Included
Network Troubleshooting
(SKU 01611)
Back in Time
(SKU 01612)
Class of Service
(SKU 01614)
Traffic Capture (optional) (SKU 01613)
(SKU 01837)
(SKU 01843)
(SKU 01920)

*AppsIntegrity is the combination of AppFlows and AppSummary. AppSummary requires AppFlows.

**VoIP software module with OmniPoint only available on Analysis Service Elements

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