CenturyLink Performance Manager

CenturyLink Performance Manager is a powerful suite of tools that provide end-to-end visibility into your network and applications via a unified platform for real-time monitoring, troubleshooting and analyzing applications, including VoIP, to help you make informed decisions about the performance of your Wide Area Network as well as applications that run across the WAN.

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Talk to An Expert

Learn how CenturyLink Performance Manager can support your business

Achieve greater control over your IT infrastructure using correlated application and network performance analysis.

With CenturyLink Performance Manager, you gain the real-time and historical insights needed to control your network and take full advantage of your IT investments. You’ll be better informed to make smarter decisions about optimizing your network all from a centralized and secure web interface.


Gain more control and visibility of the network and the applications your enterprise uses every day

Optimize the performance of your Wide Area Network

Take advantage of your WAN investments at all locations

Collect comprehensive network device health information

Optimize your network and decrease operational costs

View visual representations of network activity for up to 1 year

Please for future capacity and upgrades

Access end-to-end visibility

Into network, applications, and VoIP performance

Track live analysis of service level metrics

Reports for each class of service (CoS)

Stay on top of abnormal traffic or usage pattern

Quickly respond to security threats or outages

Unified Communications

Simplify your UC performance management with real-time visibility into end-to-end service performance for voice and video.

Unified Communications (UC) is all about improving collaboration and boosting business productivity. The successful adoption of UC services, such as VoIP, Video Conferencing, Telepresence, and Desktop Video, assumes that service qualify will be sufficient for users to interact effectively and consistently.

Assuring the quality of UC service is not an easy task. UC services are complex and require unforgiving performance levels with always-on availability to meet the high expectations of users and the organization. The reality is that many UC deployments fail to achieve the internal traction desired to due to poor user experiences. Underperforming Unified Communications (UC) deployments lead to erosion in savings and productivity due to increased management costs and dissatisfied users.

CenturyLink Performance Manager simplifies UC performance management. We provide real-time visibility into end-to-end service performance for voice and video sessions that enables powerful analysis and troubleshooting for both proactive and reactive service management tasks.

  • Deliver consistent and reliable service levels for Voice and Video UC services to protect the user experience.
  • Transform service management from reactive to proactive to predict and prevent emerging service performance issues before users are affected.
  • Quickly triage and identify underlying root causes of UC service performance problems in both the network and UC service applications.
  • Simplify managing complex multi-location, multi-vendor UC environments to optimize and accelerate new UC applications rollouts.

CenturyLink Performance Manager enables the implementation of a unified strategy for managing and optimizing the delivery of UC services to assure service quality and deliver a consistent user experience. IT organizations can take advantage of a holistic approach to managing business data and UC services side-by-side and assure reliable, high performance levels for a broad range of real-time UC services.

Data Center

CenturyLink Performance Manager provides visibility into the performance of networks and applications regardless of where they are located. Whether you are troubleshooting an application hosted internally in the data center or in a hosted SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, hybrid or any combination herein, CenturyLink Performance Manager helps you isolate whether the problem is application, server, client, or network related.

CenturyLink Performance Manager embeds the most important data sources such as packet, transaction, NetFlow/IPFIX, and SNMP and presents analytics in a time correlated single dashboard view. These correlated views will help you to quickly see how well the infrastructure is transporting applications and how well those applications are performing in context of the end user experience.

Capacity Planning – Bandwidth Monitoring

WAN utilization and traffic profiling has never been easier than with CenturyLink Performance Manager’s automated Capacity Planning and bandwidth monitoring reporting engine. Just filter on the network performance interfaces of interest and CenturyLink Performance Manager provides you with easy to understand views of how long, or not, any given interface has been over or under-utilized. The utilization information is based upon 60 second granularity across an entire year assuring you of an accurate depiction of network performance and utilization which leads to more informed bandwidth decisions.

Auto Discovery and Auto Configuration

With automated application discovery and optimized configuration processes, the setup for CenturyLink Performance Manager is amazingly simple and fast and can have you seeing reports within 15 minutes of installation.

Single UI for all Data Sets with Multi-tenant Access

See your data the way you want to see it with customer dashboard views that are built with the drag and drop dashboard creation wizard that pulls from the entire library of views and measurements. And with multi-tenant support, individual users throughout your IT organization can login to see their own dashboard view of what’s important to them.

Self-Guided Workflows

So many times the workflows that you see in application and network performance tools today are patterned around what type of data is collected and from what elements that data is collected from. With this approach what you get is disparate views of performance metrics that are not correlated to help pinpoint the problem. With CenturyLink Performance Manager we purposely separated data collection from data presentation so that we could provide workflows patterned on how users think and logically approach solving problems. This results in logical workflows that are easy to follow and quickly drive to problem domain isolation and root cause. One user interface, correlated data and presentation, and single point of administration.

Instant Problem Domain Isolation to Application, Network or Server

CenturyLink Performance Manager combines disparate data sets into a single time correlated context. If the network delay is high, CenturyLink Performance Manager contextual site based pages also show traffic analysis data as well as device health information. This type of common sense approach to displaying data makes problem domain isolation possible by reviewing a single page rather than navigating through endless graphs of disparate data.

Advanced Transaction Analysis

CenturyLink Performance Manager automatically correlates transaction level performance across multiple application tiers within a multi-tiered application environment. From an End User Experience metric view, it is simple to see which tier of the application is degrading and then further analyze individual transactions.

Application Performance Visibility for the Cloud Environment

CenturyLink Performance Manager provides visibility into the performance of networks and applications regardless of where they are located. Whether you are troubleshooting an application hosted internally in the data center or in a hosted environment, CenturyLink Performance Manager helps you isolate whether the problem is application, server, client, or network related.

Comprehensive VoIP Analysis

CenturyLink Performance Manager provides visibility into how well, or not, your VoIP infrastructure is performing. CenturyLink Performance Manager allows you to quickly drill into each individual call to understand the underlying degradation factors. Further, CenturyLink Performance Manager allows you to retrieve the packet stream for each call in order to re-construct, and even replay the actual call as transpired across the wire.


CenturyLink Performance Manager provides remote site monitoring through the use of Analysis Service Element (ASE) devices which are a multi-faceted, economical solution capable of triaging network, application and VoIP problems in real time. The solution supports 1000s of remote hardware or virtual remote monitoring devices. It is multi-tenant and supports 100s of customers under a single server. No seat based licensing is required.

The ASE appliances are continuously monitoring your network in real time from Layer 1 through Layer 7 while providing site-to-site Service Level Agreements (SLA) and on demand, deep, packet capture as needed. It provides a clear demarcation point at remote locations to identify whether the problem is with the local exchange carrier (LEC), the remote LEC, the Service Provider, bursting bandwidth, top talkers, the application, mis-classified Class of Service (COS), VoIP, or an application problem.

CenturyLink Performance Manager Remote for MPLS IP-VPN Users


Is CenturyLink Remote Manager Remote Right For You?

  • Monitors network and application performance between sites
  • Classifies traffic by Class of Service (CoS)
  • Displays precisely what applications are running over your network, the extent of their use, and monitor any issues between sites
  • Extensive VoIP performance analysis

Site Status

  • Displays overall snapshot of network, including any changes to circuits and ports
  • Shows near real-time display of network and application performance

Traffic Analysis

  • Features powerful protocol analyzer with sniffer capabilities
  • No need to transport a device to capture live traffic onsite
  • Decide which data packets you want to analyze
  • Drill down to Layer 7 IP protocol leve


  • Generates performance reports on-demand provided by different views, with up to one year’s worth of historical data
  • Measures delivery against your Class of Service (CoS) settings in the private IP environment


  • Device CPU and memory utilization

Extensive VoIP Performance Analysis

  • Shows physical access type, port, circuit with live, network-wide views
  • Displays network conditions and applications in real-time
  • Throughput by to 10 applications and top 5 users or hosts
  • Provides real-time troubleshooting with proactive network alarms
  • Features automatic discovery of every VoIP call, IP-PBX and phone
  • Delivers performance analytics on every call
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