Case Study: University-of-Nottingham | NETSCOUT

University of Nottingham

The University of Nottingham is one of the UK’s foremost research institutes and has new campuses in China and Malaysia. The four Nottingham campuses in the UK support more than 30,000 staff and students and are linked by an OSPF routed backbone. The university has a main connection to JANET, while Student Network Services (SNS), uses a separate connection to the Internet via NTL. This allows students to surf the Internet and use services such as chat without compromising JANET’s security and acceptable use policy.

Their challenge was to simplify the capture of large volumes of data traffic for analysis, complicated by the multiple protocols used by various departments and research facilities. 

They purchased NetFlow Tracker to provide better insight into, and performance data collection from, the complex multi-site network. The university bought and implemented NetFlow Tracker in September 2004, just before the start of the academic year. Within one term, substantial security, performance and capacity planning benefits were gained.