Case Study: Turkish-Economic-Bank-(TEB) | NETSCOUT

Turkish Economic Bank (TEB)

The Turk Ekonomi Bankası (TEB), with headquarters in Istanbul, has over 300 branches across Turkey ranging in size from 15 to 50 users per site and approximately 5000+ users company-wide. The bank runs a multi-site Cisco network with two links, one running to their headquarters and one redundant link running to the Recovery Centre. Across this network, TEB runs various applications from Windows based machines, the most critical being an in-house developed banking application. Every user within the organization accesses the application in the data center across a WAN connection. The most common issue TEB faced was slow WAN links. The result of those slow connections meant users regularly complained about slow performance and limited or no access to business critical applications. Access failures were related to timeouts that would occur if the application servers didn’t respond within the timeout window. Historically TEB had to troubleshoot all IT issues manually using a command line interface which proved to be a very time consuming and cumbersome process.