Case Study: Protek | NETSCOUT


PROTEK Innovation Centre is a national distributor operating in all 83 constituents of Russia. Their regional network consists of 37 branches (and warehouses), 34 regional trade offices and 26 storage depots. All company offices are connected by a single corporatetelecommunication network using VoIP Telephony based on Cisco technology. PROTEK Innovation Centre partners with 860 leading pharmaceutical producers from 46 countries worldwide. PROTEK’s product range includes over 14,500 pharmaceutical medicines and has the largest product sales mix among Russian distributors. PROTEK is in the TOP-10 of pharmaceutical distributors worldwide.

The company’s customer base covers all sectors of the pharmaceutical market: individual pharmacies, pharmacy chains, medical and prevention institutions, wholesale companies, other organizations part of the ONLS Program (provision of essential drugs). PROTEK’s network infrastructure is geographically distributed, with many remote and multisite locations. PROTEK needed to have visibility into who was using the network and how it was being used between these remote locations. The required solution needed to show detailed reporting and analysis of all users and network service activities both long term (up to 1 year) and short term (‘on the spot’ visibility). An additional requirement by

PROTEK was that the solution must be user friendly and easy to install.