Case Study: Murphy-Hoffman-Company | NETSCOUT

Murphy Hoffman Company

With over 40,000 customers spread across ten states, the IT and network team at Murphy Hoffman Company, has its  work cut out to ensure the company’s network runs like a fine-oiled machine. The diverse network  supports services including sales, leasing, rental, refrigeration, body shop and support. In addition,  the networking team must manage a diverse architecture that includes both custom and commercial  off the shelf (COTS) software.

"When we turned on  NetFlow Tracker, we were  amazed of the level of  granularity and the custom  reporting options within the  software platform. For doing  our day-to day jobs with  network management, we  haven’t found a tool that  meets our needs any better  than NetFlow Tracker.”
– Ted Haubien,
MHC’s Sr. Systems Engineer

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