Case Study: MWB-Business-Exchange | NETSCOUT

MWB Business Exchange

MWB Business Exchange Plc (MWBEX) was formed in 1997 and is the United Kingdom’s second largest operator of serviced offices. Its current portfolio comprises 51 centers, providing 880,000 square feet of prime office, meeting and training room space. MWB centers are located in major cities, including Birmingham, Edinburgh, Leeds, Manchester, Milton Keynes, Nottingham, Oxford and the Thames Valley, with a core group of centers based in and around London.

MWB needed to see what was happening on its WAN and the LANs at its 51 sites around the United Kingdom to ensure that users were using their network properly and to monitor network performance.

MWB bought NetFlow Tracker and ResponseWatch to help monitor network performance and to determine when and where additional and expensive capacity might be required. “Thanks to the performance tuning our monitoring applications have helped us achieve, we now only need to look at them daily when one of the sites alerts us that a customer is complaining of slow service.” – Mike Michael, technical support manager, MWB Business Exchange.