Case Study: BSS-Group-PLC | NETSCOUT


BSS Group PLC is a plumbing and heating supply company based in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The critical issue for BSS revolved around response times. The Telnet-based sales order processing system imposes a low network overhead, with no real problems. Applications added later were adversely affecting the sales order processing system, which must operate correctly and in real time.

BSS bought a suite of NetFlow Tracker and NetWatch to provide information on WAN link status and network activity, initially to prioritize which sites needed upgrading first, then later to identify problems as they occur. “The real-time monitoring provided by the software allows us to monitor our core network infrastructure proactively. This monitoring alert facility brings to our attention network faults, allowing immediate response for investigation and fault analysis, often prior to our customers experiencing deterioration in their service.” - Richard Parkes, Senior IPT Technical Engineer, BSS Group